An atmospheric malaise hung in the sky, causing global nausea. Echoes stopped ricocheting off buildings, while screams, yells, and noises remained attached to the objects they came from. First the children became rapidly irritated at this new and odd behavior of sound. Some kids beat their ears violently, and others sat Indian style—crying.

Slowly the decibels of all frequencies faded into severe dead silence.

Now the adults began to panic. They furiously hustled through the city streets attempting to hear even a footstep—nothing. They looked at each other with fear, anger, and sadness.

Reality melted and smeared together, from which there was no escape, just claustrophobic horror. The sky smeared into buildings, smeared into trees, smeared into vehicles, smeared into mother and child, until the black hue saturated all matter.

Inside this oblivion ruminated hundreds of billions of memories and detestable thoughts, congealing into one abominable wail. Perception, reality, and existence mechanically seized; giving birth to the permeating formless mass—the void.