While Billy Bransworth nodded off to sleep, his left eyeball erupted in anger. No longer would the eyeball be forced to go to sleep. The eyeball (Lefty, we’ll call him) waited for the eyelids to close completely, then sprouted two arms. With these arms Lefty opened the eyelids just enough to fit through. He got stuck, and so the eyeball sprouted two legs. Lefty kicked himself out of the eye socket, but dangled from the nerve ending. Billy’s right eye glanced out to see Lefty pop free of the nerve ending, run across the bed and jump onto the floor.

The eyeball ran at an alarming rate and was soon under the coffee table watching television with Billy’s parents. He stood there through one commercial break when a pair of legs extended out above him. Indeed Lefty was alarmed. He rushed across the floor to the kitchen entrance before he turned around. Lefty saw Billy’s father burying his face between the mother’s thick thighs. The look on the mothers face was unusual, yet satisfied. Breathing heavily while biting the air seemed peculiar behavior, even for an adult. Neither of them had any clothes on—weird.

Lefty turned into the kitchen; the oven light exposed its vastness. He ran alongside the cupboards and behind the refrigerator, a place he had never seen before. The shadows concocted an eerie atmosphere, while the freezer hummed a hypnotic tune. Over and over Lefty dusted crumbs and dust from his feet.

A fly flew past, intruding on the expedition. Lefty shook his fist in anger. Then something tickled him from behind. He turned around and into a feeler that was lodged in the head of a cockroach

Now eyeballs can’t speak. Nor can they hear. The eyeballs only purpose is to see, but for one split second Lefty split open just under his pupil and with a high frequency shrieked “Oh Shit.”

Lefty ran back through the living room taking notice of Billy’s parents. Each one busied themselves by pelvic thrusting the other in the nude—weird. He ran back into Billy’s room as scared as a jack rabbit. The right eyeball looked out at Lefty with disdain, noticing his despair. Lefty climbed back into the socket. The arms and legs formed back into tissue and Lefty went to sleep. Never again did the eyeball stay up any later than he had to.