Blumkins heart crumpled as he swung under the willows billowing foliage. The branches hung low, hiding his demeanor. His feet dangled in loves dismay. A sunken love submerged and drowned, perhaps saturated, from comfort. The luxury of her escaped; the she-elf whose nimble hands fabricated Blumpkins aluminum buckle that held up his slacks. It all congealed into memories not so distant; it was fresh and he swung higher.

The breeze against his face chilled his sadness. Kick, tuck, kick, tuck: He gained momentum, and began to forget her. Blumkin closed his eyes.

He remembered life before her. Pranks with his buddies, the pub where he played the mandolin on open mic night. He would slip back into pre-relationship activities.

Kick, tuck, kick,tuck. It was only a moment in time. Kick, tuck, kick, tuck. Moving on, moving up. He smiled into the breeze.