Which is your favorite way to go?
Left or right, or to or fro,
up or down, or in or out,
this way that way, north or south,
over, under, near or far,
east or west, or here or thar?
Some people like to go insane.
Some go broke and some refrain.
You just might go a different way:
in reverse, another day.
How’d you like to go without?
Well go ahead and go all out!
Which is your favorite way to go?
Inside out or fast  or slow,
right-side up or upside-down,
or overseas or underground,
in between, in front, throughout,
door to door, or green, or stout.
I like to go into great detail,
go overboard, but miss the nail.
Go again, and one mo ‘gin
but don’t go through the motions my friend.
and don’t go postal, and don’t run flat.
But don’t let go!
Go, run, tell that.