Pay no attention to the things I say.

I’m incoherent and ignorant anyway.

Ive got this itch that’s been itchin’ and itchin’ and itchin’ me,

and so I scratched it and it came back and haunted me;

one of those hairy, contagious, and flirtatious ways,

I’m not implying I’m lying, that’s simply not the case.

If not for stuttering, muttering all the live long day,

but that’s the point when you ain’t got shit to say.

I like to run my mouth far and wide,

skip all conclusions, and will not choose a side.

Advice is biased, try it; living in another’s shoes.

Experience shows that you’ve fucked up too.

Just trust your own devices; just trust your world view;

trust me…its just me, there’s nothing wrong with you.

I can’t be troubled by propriety, or discussions of which I do not know.

And to be honest…it doesn’t matter any longer though.

Let’s kill the conversation while it’s good,

and get to sleeping… like we should.